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PureMix Jug Blender JB7170

Maximum quantity limit of 2 per order.

Stainless steel and black finish with 7 unique pre-set blend functions that let you stir, mix, chop, puree, liquefy and crush ice. ThermoResist glass pitcher; blend hot ingredients directly in pitcher.

Overview: It’s simple… blend, mix, crush. Blenders shouldn’t be complicated, and nobody knows this better than Braun. Taking blending to new levels of ease and creativity, Braun’s PureMix Blender, model JB7170, puts you in control for consistent results. The innovative SmoothCrush system; unique blade design, pitcher contours and PowerAssist technology maintain optimal speed and deliver the smoothest results. Seven unique pre-set blend functions let you stir, mix, chop, puree, liquefy and crush ice for guaranteed and consistent results with each and every recipe. Plus, the patented measuring cap can neatly incorporate added ingredients into your most ambitious recipes. The ThermoResist glass pitcher lets you blend hot ingredients directly in the pitcher without having to cool down first, which opens up endless recipe possibilities. The sealed control panel lets you wipe away drips and residue easily. Plus, the entire blade assembly is removable and dishwasher safe for the ultimate in cleanability. The contemporary design, featuring a two-tone finish of stainless steel and black is the perfect accent to modern kitchens.

  • SmoothCrush Blade System

    Optimum blending results, thanks to the exclusive combination of the specially designed jug and the higher positioning of the blade system.

  • PowerAssist Technology

    Blender auto senses contents and maintains optimal speed to power through all the ingredients.

  • Thermal Resistant Glass Pitcher (56 fl. oz.)

    Switch from hot to cold without risk of thermal cracking.

  • 5 Speed Modes + Auto Pulse

    Pulse function works with all speeds for staggered blending.

  • Ice Crush Program

  • BPA free

    BPA-free for all parts intended to be in contact with food.

  • Food Awards Winner